Bill Ellis – Brand Architect

What do you do Bill? That’s a question that I get all the time, and assume it’s common for you to be asked that as an opening question. For me, it’s not always an easy answer because what I do is driven by why I do it. My purpose is to make good brands better. For me, it’s all about helping my customers create more value for themselves and for those they serve – be they personal or company brands. I want my clients to do exactly what I strive to do –

Deliver exceptional value – enjoy extraordinary results!

My journey – From early adulthood, Bill knew his ‘want’ – business success, marriage and family, financial security, prestige, respect, a nice house, and more. He achieved a good amount of his want. It only occurred to him decades later that what he was missing was his ‘need’.

There was a period where Bill went through some intense personal struggles. Dealing with those challenges, led him to realize that what drove him was at odds with the direction of the corporation. Bill realized that he lacked purpose, and as a result, he often lacked consistency.

It was when he left his 25-year corporate career, and set out on his own professional path, that Bill was able to discover his ‘need’ – a purpose that was fueled by passion, and that unlocked the persistence that had previously eluded him. Today, as a consultant, a coach, a speaker, and an author, Bill’s purpose is to help others discover their purpose.

Using his experience, knowledge, and insight in key areas of leadership, behavior, communication, influence and team, Bill has developed the five core Pillars of Branding, guaranteed to support the building of a fearless brand.  

Today – Bill Ellis is a master at unlocking the fearless potential in others.  A veteran of corporate brand management for more than 25 years at global beverage giant Anheuser-Busch, Bill has come to learn and deliver his true value in the past decade as a public speaker, certified coach and brand architect for individuals and businesses.

His weekly blog, Friday’s Fearless Brand, has earned a following around the world as he masterfully highlights core elements of brands – whether people, places or organizations – that he considers to be fearless.

It is Friday’s Fearless Brand that is the foundation for Women Who Won, a book sparked by Bill’s twin granddaughters and his wish for their happy future as successful intrepid women. It is his hope that this compilation of stories of amazing women from all walks of life will inspire and remind – both men and women – that we all can win.

A devoted father, grandfather and husband to Tara Rogers-Ellis, Bill divides his time between St. Louis, Missouri and Dubai, United Arab Emirates – traveling the world and broadening his knowledge and following along the way.

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