Strategies to Build Fearless Brands

Your greatest value – your fearless brand – exists where your strengths meet your passions in a way relevant to those you wish to serve. You can hope to achieve this objective by chance or you can build a strategic plan to identify – and deliver – your value.

Brand Audits

A Brand Audit is an independent assessment of your brand – how it is positioned and messaged. Think of it as you would a CPA’s audit of your financial records. Having an independent and professional assessment of your current brand and marketing efforts serves a similar purpose.

What are the benefits of a Brand Audit?

Brand clarity – Define and build your value proposition

Knowledge as to what is working – and what is not working

An effective and actionable plan to strengthen your brand presence

Three stages of a Brand Audit

Discovery– Preliminary investigation of current, past and planned branding and marketing initiatives and materials. This includes learning the core vision, objectives and goals of the company, a thorough review of all marketing materials and brand statements and a tour of pertinent facilities.

Development– Further discussions are held with the owner and key stakeholders of the company provide further details and perspective on the company – its brand and marketing efforts. These discussions are strictly confidential in order to guarantee open and unedited dialogue. There needs be access to employees, suppliers, customers and prospects (where possible) in order to obtain a true 360°perspective.

Deliverable – The final phase of my brand audit is the creation and delivery of my assessment of your brand and marketing efforts. A thorough SWOT analysis assesses pros, cons and opportunities. What ‘gaps’ exist vs. your vision and business objectives? The audit typically results in 3-5 branding strategies tied directly to the objectives – and potential – of the company, product or individual. These strategies will deliver increased value, greater brand awareness and/or more efficient spending.

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Instant Impact Sessions

Instant Impact sessions address specific issues facing individuals, businesses, groups or communities with the purpose of developing actions which will make an immediate difference.

Whether you seek instant impact through individual coaching, half-day workshops or full-day forums – the objective is to:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Build a plan to realize the benefits
  • Initiate a plan of action and accountability

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Executive Thought Partnering

You know your business. You know your objectives and ultimate goals. You have plans to reach those goals. So why would you consider an executive thought partner?

Because a thought partner is solution agnostic – seeking only the to make certain that you realize the very best results possible. Having a thought partner provides you with a fresh, independent perspective from an experienced professional.

Whether you are seeking business counsel, personal advice or just want an experienced and caring sounding board – an executive thought partner is your answer.

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