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Bill’s workshops are both challenging and enlightening. An investment of hard work, proven processes and a few short hours will yield powerful results. Understand what success really means – to you. Learn how to build your influence.  

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What’s the Point?

How do you define success? Are you creating the legacy you desire? What is your true value? What are your skills? What drives you? Do you have conviction of purpose?

What’s the point of who you are? What’s the point of what you do?

How do you add value? Do you pass the ‘so what’ test? Who benefits? Do you effectively communicate your value? Are your connections personal walking ambassadors or just names and numbers?

The What’s the Point? workshop will guide you to the answers to these questions and more – leading to you living a more focused, successful, and satisfying life!

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Go-Giver Success Accelerator

This six week ‘master mind’ workshop is predicated on the Go-Giver’s Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. A group of eight or ten meets once a week either in person or via teleconference with each session lasting up to 90 minutes. In six short weeks you will have integrated a philosophy of consistently giving value into

  • Your personal stratospheric success map
  • Your value proposition
  • Your reach and impact
  • Your influence
  • Your unique value (brand)
  • Your mindset

The Success Accelerator balances the focus of individual coaching with the dynamic of a ‘mastermind group’ to achieve powerful results. You will experience significant and immediate growth in your life – both personally and professionally.

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What Behavior Says about You – and Others

Behavior is tangible – it can be seen, heard, and/or felt. What’s the point?

Every behavior is driven by a need. We might know our own needs, but rarely are we privy to the needs driving other’s behavior.

Understanding our own behavioral tendencies provides us with the knowledge and insight to choose how we’ll behave in any given circumstance. Understanding the tendencies of others provides us with the power to interact in a way which allows them to stay in their comfort zone.

Extended DISC is a tool which reveals our natural behavioral style, how we feel we should change when at work and other situations, highlights our motivators and demotivators, and how others see us.

This workshop is ideal for individuals or existing teams.

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Communications Skills Training

Communication is cited as one of, if not the most, glaring shortfall in any business, group, or personal interaction. Communication is a combination of art and science.

Learning the basics of effective communication reduces confusion, eliminates misunderstanding, promotes more efficient and effective teamwork, and yields greater results and greater profits.

Aspects covered include:

  • Communication basics
  • Behavioral styles
  • Listening skills
  • The communication cycle
  • Verifying that the communication was actually effective
  • How to handle adversity in communication

Ideal for existing groups or individuals, Communications Skills Training, is an essential and powerful pillar of strength for any brand.

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Based on Patrick Lencione’s best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of  a Team, this workshop takes a deep dive into the behaviors that make a cohesive team – and importantly – how to build those behaviors into your team.

  • Module 1 You and The Five Behaviors™
  • Module 2 Building Trust
  • Module 3 Mastering Conflict
  • Module 4 Achieving Commitment
  • Module 5 Embracing Accountability
  • Module 6 Focusing on Results
  • Module 7 Summary and Action

This workshop is comprised of four solid hours of learning and application which combine to create the foundation of a truly cohesive team.

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Endless Referrals – the Go-Giver Way

Connections are an integral part of brand messaging. This is true for at least one reason… All things being equal, people do business with – and refer business to – those people that they know, like and trust. In this workshop Bill delivers the framework for Bob Burg’s Endless Referrals system for building a network of ‘personal walking ambassadors’ – people who not only know, like and trust you – but that actively provide referrals and connections which keep your business thriving.

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