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Bill is known for speaking about the power of branding to groups ranging from his local chamber to a business summit in Abu Dhabi. He is successful as a speaker due in large part to his direct and humorous style. He draws from his experience in coaching, branding and marketing for individuals, small business and entrepreneurs along with a branding career in corporate America as the basis of his talks. What truly sets him apart is that he has personally lived the essence of each of his topics. Bill brings a practicality which is both meaningful and actionable. Importantly, his genuine approach and open nature creates a connection with his audience.

All of Bill’s talks are totally customized for his audience. Whether it’s his branding experience and principles, networking skills and insights or the Go-Giver principles and the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success – when speaking, Bill makes certain that your goals  and needs are addressed. His most sought after topics include:

YOU Are the Value!

Building Your Fearless Brand

Your brand is your value – and the more value you deliver – the more ‘profit’ you will receive. Authenticity. Conviction. Clarity. Relevance. These are all characteristics of fearless brands – brands which are consistently the most successful. Learn the full meaning of and the benefits associated with a fearless brand. Using his own 7 C’s of Branding™ coupled with the philosophy of The Go-Giver™ Bill provides the basic platform from which anyone can build a fearless brand – be it a company, product, service or personal brand. As with all of his talks, Bill delivers concepts both actionable and proven to be successful.

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Walk in Your Value

Branding The Go-Giver™ Way

In this talk, Bill combines the philosophy of The Go-Giver with his fearless branding principles to deliver a truly unique perspective on how giving value creates happiness and success. As a certified Go-Giver coach and speaker, Bill delves into the philosophy of Bob Burg and John David Mann’s international best selling book. The authors created this parable known as a “Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea” – Bill delivers its essence and richness in a style and perspective all his own. Branding and the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success are discussed in a manner which easily translates to finding happiness and success in everyday life and business.

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Explode Your Company’s Value

Integrating Company and Personal Brands

It is said that the sum is greater than the total of its parts. Nowhere is this more true than in a business – with employees. Many companies work to increase their value and add to the bottom line. Too few recognize that a guaranteed way to do just that is by having each of their employees, team members and stakeholders build the value of their personal brands. There is clear evidence that people work better and contribute more when they are content, valued, engaged and recognized for their efforts. In this talk Bill makes this point by combing his direct and humorous style with his personal experience. Importantly, he reveals HOW this is done. Each person will leave with a clear understanding of how their personal value enriches the company and how the company’s value does the same for them.

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What THEY are saying…

“I liked his passion.”

“…his humorous style delivers his message in a very meaningful and relatable manner…

“Bill is a direct speaker who motivated me…”

“… a meaningful message which is so doable…

“Bill provided great value. There was so much I learned today. Thank you.”

“I have the good fortune of a great job. Bill’s talk has impacted how I will spend my energy and focus to relate better to people and my company.”

“Bill delivered a practical approach to branding providing the perspective, purpose and passion that I needed to get unstuck!”

“Great job Bill.”

“This talk gave me concrete thinking and methods to fully realize the success I desire.”

“Bill is a great guide for finding and clarifying your brand.”

“Magnetic” … “Powerful” … “Direct” … “Trustworthy” … “Genuine” … “Passionate” … “Compassionate” … “Relatable” … “Articulate” … “Effective” … “Humorous”

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What They’re Saying

Magnetic” … “Powerful” … “Direct” … “Trustworthy” … “Genuine” … “Passionate” … “Compassionate” … “Relatable” … “Articulate” … “Effective” … “Humorous