Build A Fearless Brand

Every brand requires robust support to thrive and endure. Effective brands, characterized by resilience and reliability, adapt to evolving purposes and fluctuations in passion and persistence. By prioritizing branding for results and leveraging the pillars of leadership, behavior, communication, influence, and team, brands establish a foundation capable of withstanding the test of time.

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Start By Building
Your Brand Blueprint

Our branding blueprint designs a powerful, attractive, inviting entrance into your brand. The pediment – features your brand. It answers the question “What’s the Point?” for the public – it states clearly your value proposition.


The Five Pillars For Success

The five pillars provide the support that guarantees your brand message is effectively delivered, understood, and consistent for the long-term. The entire structure is built on the philosophy of Branding for Results.


Leadership is, without question, essential to every successful endeavor. Effective leadership is at the core of each and every powerful brand.

Ask Yourself:
  • How do you lead? Are you effectively leading?
  • ·Do you nurture other leaders within your organization?
  • How many people are following your lead?
  • Are you the best leader you can be?
  • Are your employees?


Our behavior will have a more significant impact to those we want to lead and influence than the spoken (or written) word.

Solutions Include:
  • Behavior workshop
  • Individual behavioral assessment(s)
  • Group behavioral assessment(s)
  • How to identify the behavioral tendencies of others
  • Adjusting behavior while maintaining authenticity


Without effective communication, no leader can lead, no messaging will be compelling, relational value won’t exist, and no brand will survive.

Solutions Include:
  • Communication skills presentation·
  • Communication skills workshop
  • Discovering the Communication Cycle
  • Integrating behavioral and communication styles
  • Learning how to incorporate non-threatening conflict resolution


What does it take to be truly influential? Giving. Not giving in a material sense, per se, but giving thought and consideration to the other person’s needs, wants, and goals.

Solutions Include:
  • Talks and workshops centered on The Go-Giver series of teachings
  • Master the “Five Laws of Stratospheric Success”
  • Learn “Ben’s Keys to Legendary Leadership”
  • Discover the “Five Secrets of Genuine Influence”


Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. Powerful teams – cohesive teams – are built on the basis of trust.

Solutions Include:
  • Team focused talks
  • Team focused workshops
  • Individual and group coaching

Let’s Build Your Brand, Together

My focus is on delivering the solutions that will be the most impactful to you and your business, whether I’m working as a coach, consultant, confidante, speaker, or facilitator. My services below are driven to helping you achieve your goals – success as you define it.


Where are you and your company? What did you do to get there? Where do you want to go?



We will create an ‘architectural design’ – solidifying your purpose, or strengthening the branding pillars.



We will determine how to best move forward, create a timeframe, and establish metrics for success!


How Strong Are Your Pillars?

Now’s the time to review and improve each area – no matter how good your brand is – it can get better! Your greatest value – your fearless brand – exists where your strengths meet your passions in a way relevant to those you wish to serve. You can hope to achieve this objective by chance or you can build a strategic plan to identify – and deliver – your value

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