Dr. King Had a Dream – Do You?

The “I Have A Dream” speech from Martin Luther King Jr. is without a doubt one of the most powerful and impactful oratories in our country’s history. Dr. King was a man of passion, conviction and vision. It was his dream that touched so many millions of people – not the speech. Dreams are powerful. Dreams fill us with purpose. Dreams are what drive our most authentic self.

Today is the perfect day to be inspired to embrace our dreams. It is a day that allows us to see very clearly the magical power that is generated from dreams pursued.

Size doesn’t matter –

It’s true – size doesn’t matter – at least when it comes to dreams. Not all dreams will be as far reaching as Dr. King’s – nor should they be.  Our dreams are just that – ours. Too many fail to pursue their dream – any dream – because they feel it is not ‘worthy’. This is just wrong. Open yourself to the fact that whatever your dream is – it’s completely worth your commitment and effort.

Be emotionally attached –

So, while the size of our dreams doesn’t matter, the connection that we have with our dreams does. A wish is not a dream. A ‘nice idea’ is not a dream. A dream is something that we feel a strong attachment to. A dream lights a fire in us – excites us – motivates us. It doesn’t matter if our dream is world peace or peace in our home as long as we are firmly and emotionally attached.

Vision it happening –

A key to fulfilling our dreams is to believe they will happen. Belief in our dreams is essential and a sure way to achieve that is to vision the dream coming true. You have heard “If you build it they will come.” Well this thought is “If you vision your dream it will become reality.”

Stay open to all possible outcomes –

Dream without expectation. Sometimes our hopes and dreams are realized in ways that we haven’t envisioned and don’t expect. Have you ever wished for more patience and ended up in unexpected traffic? I have and it gave me the chance to gain patience in a way I hadn’t anticipated. Be open to unexpected outcomes – it’s quite likely that things will turn out differently – and better – then we could have thought possible.

The important thing is to discover our dreams, embrace them and pursue them. What do you think? Are you emotionally connected to your dreams? Are there other key factors that affect your dreams? Are you ready to actively pursue your dreams? Let me know your thoughts.



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