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“‘Does it make money?’ is not a bad question. It’s a great question. It is just a bad first question. It starts you off pointed in the wrong direction. The first question should be ‘Does it serve? Does it add value to others?’ If the answer to that question is yes, then you can go ahead and ask ‘Does it make money?'” This is how Ernesto explains the first Law of Stratospheric Success to Joe in the book The Go-Giver.

If you have read The Go-Giver you know that Joe is the primary character in this “little story about a powerful business idea.” You know Ernesto, Pindar and the full cast of characters. If you are one of the  people who have not yet read this book – I am hopeful that this writing may be the inspiration for you to do so.

This Friday’s Fearless Brand is The Go-Giver – not the book per se – but its philosophy. As was the case with my recent blog on Fear presented as Friday’s Fearless Brand – some might question if a philosophy is a brand. As with Fear, The Go-Giver philosophy is a brand because it is a definable and tangible concept.  The Go-Giver philosophy is simple enough. Here it is as stated by Bob Burg, the man behind the Go-Giver philosophy and its co-author. “Shifting one’s focus from getting to giving; in this case meaning constantly and consistently adding value to peoples’ lives, is not only a nice way to live life, but a very financially profitable way, as well.”

Fearless brands focus on providing maximum value to those they serve.

Joe, the hero in The Go-Giver is an eager, ambitious, hardworking go-getter. As it turns out, he was going more than he was getting. He was desperate to meet his quota – having missed that accomplishment for the preceding two quarters. Joe’s plan was to close a huge deal with the account he called ‘big kahuna’. When told he would not get the deal because his firm lacked clout and leverage Joe seeks counsel from a wise and experienced co-worker. Joe is introduced to The Chairman – Pindar – and sets out to find his ‘Trade Secret’.

This introduction launches Joe on a journey of learning – and understanding – the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. I won’t tell the entire story here. If you’ve read the book you already know it and if you haven’t I refuse to spoil an amazing read. Bob Burg and John David Mann have created a seemingly simple story that has a richness and depth not found in many books. I know that when I re-read the book it seems as though someone has come and added words because I always learn something new or gain a fresh perspective.

It is important to list those Five Laws because together they deliver the philosophy of The Go-Giver in a step-by-step guide to stratospheric success.

  1. The law of VALUE
  2. The law of COMPENSATION
  3. The law of INFLUENCE
  4. The law of AUTHENTICITY
  5. The law of RECEPTIVITY

Bob Burg and John David Mann and an amazing group of Go-Giver coaches – led by Master Coach Dixie Gillaspie – are committed to sharing the Go-Giver philosophy. We blog and speak and coach and write and host events to share the philosophy with all who are open to learning the simple key of giving.

While the Go-Giver ‘family’ is always available to help spread the book’s lessons – much can be learned simply by reading the book. It has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. Countless businesses and individuals alike have learned – and prospered – by embracing its philosophy. They have discovered Pindar’s one word Trade Secret – giving.

So, to answer the first question – yes, The Go-Giver serves and delivers endless value. Yes is also the answer to the second question – it does indeed make money. Put this all together and there should be no question as to why The Go-Giver is this Friday’s Fearless Brand.




Friday's Fearless Brand

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2 comments on “The Go-Giver
  1. Bob Burg says:

    WOW, Bill. Color me VERY, VERY honored!!

    • Bill says:

      Bob, all of us who have read and live the Go-Giver are the one’s who are honored. You and John David Mann have crafted a wonderful story which delivers a truly powerful concept. Thank you.

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