Thoughts Become Things – (Some Assembly Required)

Mike Dooley

The decade of the 1960’s was a dynamic time in the U.S. The decade began with President Kennedy announcing his “New Frontier” domestic policy. Kennedy was assassinated and followed by Lyndon Johnson whose vision was to create “The Great Society”. The ’60s saw the Vietnam War, free love, protests over a variety of issues, the explosion of Rock-and-Roll and the drug culture and Woodstock. While not noteworthy at the time, a boy was born in Orange County, California on February 7, 1961.

It was likely a combination of things – the culture of the time, the Southern California lifestyle, his curious mind – that had him contemplating the mysteries of time, space, God and humanity by the time he was 12. He explored hypnosis and the paranormal. He read, and was greatly influenced by Jane Roberts’ Seth Material. His beliefs began to be shaped in a way that was in conflict with his Catholic upbringing – rather than a single omnipotent God, he embraced the idea of an overall oneness in the universe.

In a more traditional vein, he also had aspirations of becoming a businessman – more specifically, an entrepreneur. With that as his goal, he attended the University of Florida, graduating in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. His professional career began with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as an international tax specialist. In that position he travelled both within the U.S. and internationally, notably Saudi Arabia.

Six years as a corporate accountant were enough for him – he felt he had gained the business experience he had sought when first taking the job. It was time for him to venture out in his own business – and that he did. He, his brother and his mother began a t-shirt business, primarily selling shirts printed with inspirational messages. He began sending Monday Motivational emails to raise awareness for the shirt business. The emails were well received and his mail list started to grow, albeit slowly.

Although they had sold over 1,000,000 shirts, his brother and mother turned to other pursuits, leaving him with the company. He closed it shortly thereafter. With that, he began to create his vision for his business future – for his life. He attempted to convert his weekly email messages to a paid subscription model. It didn’t work. He started a fee based Adventurer’s Club to deliver his motivational and inspirational messages. Ultimately, he converted that to a free service. What to do?

There was no doubt in his mind his purpose in life – to deliver his message of hope, motivation and manifestation. His t-shirt business had been named TUT, Inc. – originally an acronym for Totally Unique T-shirts. Over time the meaning had converted to Totally Unique Thoughts.  The question was how he would do that. He had been a powerful writer beginning before his shirt business. One thing he didn’t like was public speaking – so he joined Toastmasters to overcome his fear and to hone his craft.

He also joined the National Speaker’s Association where someone suggested that the two of them collaborate on a series of CD’s delivering inspirational messages. It was 2001. When all sales for the first CD came from his mailing list, his partner bowed out, leaving him all alone – but with a big opportunity. That audio series, titled ‘Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams’, was a huge hit.

By following his vision, accepting failures and missteps without being deterred – he had found out how to fulfill his life’s purpose. Since then, the number of people who subscribe to his daily motivational emails – “Notes from the Universe” – totals over 700,000 people in 185 countries. The acronym TUT evolved once more – The Universe Talks. He travels the world speaking – yes, speaking – to massive audiences. He has become a bestselling author and has published over fifteen books. As a contributing teacher in the movie The Secret, he taught the process of visualization – commonly known as the Law of Attraction.

These are incredible accomplishments which are the direct result of a man – Mike Dooley – who embraced his own fearless brand.

Fearless Brands know that thoughts become things – when wrapped in purpose and action

Mike Dooley is considered by many to be the preeminent metaphysician of this century. He delivers his message – in his books, cd’s, live talks and of course his emails. Dooley doesn’t just explain the what and how of manifestation – he delivers the theory – the why.

A consistent message that Dooley delivers – a basic tenet of the Law of Attraction – is “Thoughts become things – choose the good ones!” He’s quick to point out that manifestation isn’t merely focusing on what you want – it demands action and requires one being open to receiving.

Mike Dooley has been quoted as saying  “…the single most important thing I could ever share with you with in regard to maximizing the health, harmony, and happiness in your life can be summed up in just two words: ‘Love Yourself'”. It’s no coincidence that very same principle is key to building a fearless personal brand. Mike Dooley’s actions and teachings provide a great many that which apply to branding.

Find your purpose – Mike Dooley knew from an early age what interested him. What he didn’t immediately know was his purpose. He didn’t know then what was to come from his interests in metaphysics and business. Once he discovered exactly what his life’s purpose was – he was on his way to delivering maximum value.

Be persistent, but patient – Finding one’s purpose is rarely – if ever – a quick accomplishment. Over time we grow, we gain experience, we learn life’s lessons and eventually, we find our purpose. Such was the case with Dooley. Through persistence wrapped in patience, his purpose became clear.

Focus on the process and not the outcome – We can identify a desired outcome. We can set our expectations. What we can’t do is guarantee that our thoughts will manifest exactly as we hope. It’s our job to keep our focus on those efforts most likely to move us to our desired outcome.

Be open to receiving – To reach our goals, we have to be open to receiving. We cannot, however, allow ourselves to focus on just the outcome we envision. Life – the universe – has a habit of giving us gifts which are completely unexpected yet meet our needs and wants. We should anticipate desired outcomes without locking on to specific expectations.

Seek peace through acceptance – Inner peace is essential to a powerful personal brand. Dooley’s acronym for PEACE is this, Pleasure Experienced by Accepting all Creation as it Exists. As the prayer suggests – Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

Thoughts – wrapped in action – become things. Brands – wrapped in action – become fearless. Focus on being – being authentic, being open, being persistent, being fearless.

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