Drill bits, your brand and you….

How many 1/4″ drill bits were sold in the United States last year? Anyone? Class? Beuhler? OK, I have no idea either. However, I’m fairly positive I know how many people wanted a 1/4″ drill bit. My answer is a big fat ZERO. All of the people purchasing drill bits wanted something else…they all wanted a HOLE. So, what does this have to do with you? In my opinion a great deal.

I’m not sure how many of you are interested in Branding – or if you’re even interested in your own Brand. I do know what all of us want – and that’s results. That’s right. RESULTS.The results of effective branding are many and that’s why this is important to you. Not branding per se but the RESULTS of branding. For now I’m going to focus on what I consider the single biggest benefit. This holds true for companies, products, services or your personal brand. Ready for the answer?

VALUE! When you’ve fully and effectively developed your brand you will be able to command a higher price (or salary or fee) because it’s your brand that establishes your worth to your customers. Your brand is your reputation and your promise to the public. Your brand provides your distinct point of differentiation in the market. Your brand is your single biggest asset.

Treat it as such and you’ll reap the rewards.


Coach, International Speaker and Thought Partner - Bill’s mission is to add value to the world – one brand at a time. Bill guides individuals and companies alike in building what he refers to as a ‘fearless brand’. This is the process of discovering, embracing and delivering their greatest value – which allows them to realize greater profit. Read More

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