4 Reasons To Make Resolutions The Write Way

The winner of the category ”single most broken items’ during the holidays is not toys, electronics or ornaments. Nope, it’s New Year’s resolutions. It is a known fact that 100% of us have broken resolutions in our life. OK, that’s not a fact but it wouldn’t be surprising if it were.

I’ve become convinced that this failure rate is so high because most people (myself included)  have not made their resolutions the write way. You read that right – they have not been done the write way.

Most people tend to make resolutions which are lofty and spontaneous. “I’m going to lose 25 pounds.” “I’m going to quit smoking.”  “I’m going to learn to play the guitar.” “I’m going to______”.  All most people have at this point is an answer to the question “What’s your resolution?” They’re mentioned. They’re embraced. They’re exciting. Then they’re ignored, dismissed, forgotten – broken.

This year my approach will be different. I will be writing out – by hand – my objectives (resolutions) for 2013…and yes, I mean with pen and paper. Importantly, I will be keeping a ‘resolution journal’ throughout the year.

Here are four reasons that I’m doing this:

(If you  have more  benefits or other ideas please leave a comment)


Putting goals into writing presents an entirely different perspective as it transforms thoughts and wishes into something tangible. What once were merely lofty ideas or random thoughts become attainable goals. Importantly, writing brings focus as it sorts out ‘wouldn’t that be nice’ from the ‘I really care about this’ ideas.


Putting  resolutions in writing creates an immediate source of accountability. Thoughts are fleeting and vague. The written word is not. There it is. Right on the page. No ‘forgetting’. No delete key. Keeping a journal means a year-long commitment to achieving these goals.


Think how great it’s going to be to celebrate victories and that is exactly what will happen by keeping a journal. Acknowledging in that journal key hurdles met, road blocks smashed, progressing towards the final goal. It’s exciting to see progress and realize that achieving goals is closer than ever.


There are several reasons why having a history of a year’s resolutions is important. It is a reference as to what worked and what didn’t. A record provides tangible proof that ‘we did it’. One year’s accomplishments will provide a basis to build on as resolutions are made in future years. Finally, it will be nice to be able to reflect back on our own travels through the years.

So for 2013 I’ll be making resolutions the write way. I invite you to join me in this approach, to offer insights on your own process or to challenge the benefit of making resolutions in the first place.

Regardless of how you make resolutions – or don’t – I wish you and yours a year filled with success.






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8 comments on “4 Reasons To Make Resolutions The Write Way
  1. Linda Ryan says:

    Love this post Bill. I am writing out my resolutions in the form of a VISION FOR 2013. I am imaging how I want to be able to look back on 2013. That will require me to change some things and those changes would be my resolutions. Thanks for this inspiration and Happy 2013!

    • Bill says:

      Thanks Linda. I love how you’ve described it! Seems like we’re completely in synch. Have a very successful and safe year!

  2. Doug Wagner says:

    Hey Bill, great post.

    I am guessing you know how we will be doing ours. (Yes, Manifast.)

    Going to start out reflecting on what we did right in 2012 and what we did to accomplish our company’s mission. Then a team view of 2013. Everyone will be able to trace their pieces back to the team vision and goals.

    Ultimately it will be how do we best further our mission and vision in 2013? Delivering big value to our customers.

    Celebration is so important. Thanks.

  3. Love the post, Bill! I would go a step further and say 4 Powerful Reasons to Make Resolutions The Write Way! 😉

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