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“Shifting one’s focus from getting to giving; in this case meaning constantly and consistently adding value to peoples’ lives, is not only a nice way to live life, but a very financially profitable way, as well. ”  Bob Burg

The Go-Giver was created based on that simple premise. John David Mann and Bob Burg collaborated to write a book that reflects a mindset – a philosophy – shared and embraced by countless people…worldwide. That mindset spawned the book which in turn has created a very distinct and highly recognized brand. People both in business and not; people who have read the book and some who haven’t; people not just in the U.S. but worldwide. Not a bad result for a ‘little story about a powerful business idea’. A story whereby an ambitious, aggressive, up and coming, yet very frustrated young businessman named Joe learns some valuable life lessons that will transform his business.

The Go-Giver Retreat took place two weeks ago and by my unofficial count covered five countries from three continents.

Several came from Canada, notably my friend Doug Wagner with Sunwapta Solutions in Calgary, Alberta. I had the pleasure of having Doug as one of the participants in my Success Accelerator group (a free bonus to early registrants). He and his company are terrific examples of Go-Givers.

Pili Cuadrado was there from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Jenny Ashton joined us from Down Under – Australia-  while  Tara Rogers came from Africa (UAE). These two ladies had a vibrant conversation at the first night tweetup discussing which of them had traveled the farthest. Based on travel time Tara had conceded the crown, at least until Jenny mentioned how nice it was to have time to visit friends at Venice Beach on her layover. With that, the title went to our friend from Dubai.

Why am I doing a travel review? Well, I’m not really. I’m just underscoring how far the Go-Giver community stretches…and yes, it is global. Putting other people’s interest first is both nice and profitable. The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success which are introduced in the book provide a simple yet effective road map to achieving this goal.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as to why the Go-Giver brand has grown. It meets my criteria for effective branding.

  • Authentic – Everything about the Go-Giver is authentic and genuine, from the creators to the story to the people who embrace the philosophy.
  • Unique – While many books share the philosophy, there is no match for Joe, Pindar and the Five Laws of the Go-Giver.
  • Relevant – The essence of the brand is relevant to all who come across it, adding value to any person in any situation
  • Compelling – Being nice, thinking of others AND making money? I call that compelling
  • Consistent – The message is doesn’t waver across books, blogs, our coaches, Bob, John, sequels, interviews or The Go-Giver Retreat

If you haven’t read The Go-Giver, I strongly urge you to. If you have read the book, you might consider joining a Go-Giver Success Accelerator group from myself or any of our terrific coaches. Lastly, there’s the opportunity for you to become a Go-Giver coach yourself. The principles will enhance your business and your life regardless of the path you’re on.

Whether or not you pursue more insights and engagement with The Go-Giver, be sure to use it as one of the models for creating your own brand. If you build your brand on the same tenants and incorporate the principles the book outlines, you will totally enhance your own brand.





Coach, International Speaker and Thought Partner - Bill’s mission is to add value to the world – one brand at a time. Bill guides individuals and companies alike in building what he refers to as a ‘fearless brand’. This is the process of discovering, embracing and delivering their greatest value – which allows them to realize greater profit. Read More

7 comments on “TGGR – From a philosophy to a brand…
  1. Bob Burg says:

    Wow, Wow and Wow, Bill! I’m honored, flattered and out-and-out filled with gratitude for your amazing post. “Thank you” simply doesn’t say enough so I just hope you know how grateful I am to/for you!

    • Bill says:

      Bob, as always you’re truly gracious. Think of this as me helping you practice the Law of Receptivity. 🙂 Seriously though, I continue to be amazed at the reach and impact of The Go-Giver. What a wonderful contribution you and John David Mann have made to the world. I’m proud to be associated with the Go-Giver family and grateful to count you and John among my many great friends.

  2. Doug Wagner says:

    Hi Bill, great post.

    I found that the Go-Giver resonated very well with me. I always wanted to build a business based on ethical behavior and doing some good in the world.

    That conflicted to some degree with what you hear and see in the media and come across in the real world. Dog eat dog, crush your enemies, win at all costs, etc. Takers.

    To come full circle and see how you could actually care about the people you deal with, deliver value AND get ultimately rewarded is so powerful. There are so many layers and levels to the lessons in the book.

    I look forward to getting to know, working with and seeing other Go Givers succeed no matter the exact path my future holds. There are some amazing people out there if you open your eyes and heart.


    • Bill says:

      Very well said Doug! I appreciate your comments and I appreciate you. I’m delighted that you ended up in my Success Accelerator…you plus-ed the group as a whole and me as an individual.

  3. julio says:

    What a great post, i follow bob burg some month ago and jus following him i’ve learned a lot, giving and adding value to people it is just great…thank you to every go giver around the world for spreading this way to live!!!

    • Bill says:

      Julio, thank you for your comments and yes, there’s a great deal of value via Bob and The Go-Giver. Glad you’re a fan.

  4. Tara Rogers says:

    Love your posts and your talent at capturing and communicating the essential elements of Go Giver and the Retreat. It was an honour to have been part of this, and to have met you.

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